Digipack Quelques coups de téléphone de Paul Biss

€ 13.00

Retro Synth Pop Music Produced by Dan Lacksman (TELEX)

"Paul Biss was born on August 8th, 2008.

Before that date, he did not exist. At least, the poet who slumbered in him had not yet made full use of his pen. His desire to write came to life while singing "yes" to his wife-to-be, in front of the mayor of a Greek island, bathed in dazzling sunshine.

Since that date, he writes and describes his strongest emotions in the form of songs, like a painter would draw his states of the soul. In 2010, his expression force, like vapor in a pressure cooker, became so intense that he teamed up with his musician friends to perform on various small Brussels' stages. But this experience wasn't enough for him...

Paul Biss, with his rebel character wanted to communicate his revolt, his anger and his feelings to the whole world. To do so, he had the idea to make his texts float on his teenage years sounds, on electronic sounds capable to make his words glide. He then called the best electronic music specialist from Belgium and abroad: Dan Lacksman.

With the help of talented sound engineer Elsa Grelot, the duo refined each note of the album, for horsing days, within the walls of Synsound studios in Laeken.

They managed to gain constant support of the two original album tracks composers, Thomas Venegoni (A supernaut) and Gregory Vandamme (Thibet), two rising stars of Brussels' scene.

The only missing ingredient to this "eccentric" was a dance costume to hide his extreme sensitivity and give him airs of a modern dandy, or a poetic dandy, as many of his fans would like to describe him. Paul Biss is now ready to charm his public and, first and foremost, to make them ponder and reflect, as, for him, each song must be useful, each song carries a message and each song must act as an answer to reefs of life.

Paul Biss' album is called "Quelques coups de téléphone" (A few phone calls), because life can sometimes be reduced to a few phone calls announcing events which can impact your life forever..."

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