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Belgian garage band Phantom invites french pop icon Lio for a rumble.

At the tender age of sixteen Lio conquered all european charts with “Banana Split”, a million seller in 1980.
The joyfull Spector-goes-electro track hit number one in Belgium, France and Italy.
An English version penned by Ron and Russell Mael (Sparks) did well in Britain too.

Since then Lio has enjoyed numerous other successes in both music and cinema.
Now she returns to the land where it all began for her and to the music of her heart, unashamed pure rock’n’roll.
Completed in three days, the album is driven by the energetic sounds of Liège based combo Phantom.
Imagine Debbie Harry backed by the Ramones and you’ll have a fair picture of what’s going on here.

PHANTOM FEAT LIO ::: Je ne veux que ton bien par freaksville

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