About Us

About Our Store

Just a few things you might like to know as you shop our humble products.

We never give your name, address, credit card numbers or anything else to anybody else.
In fact, we can’t since PayPal will securely handle your transaction and keep your info separate from our server.
All products will arrive securely packed and ready for your enjoyment.
If, for some unforeseen reason, your product is damaged in shipping, simply return it to us and we’ll send you a new one. We’ll cover your return shipping, of course.
Beyond these casual “handshake” terms, we can offer no binding guarantees since we’re just record makers, really, and not retailers. But rest assured, we want you to be happy.
Actually, we want everybody to be happy and if our products imbue you with some level of happiness, we certainly would love to hear from you!
That’s about it for now. We’re sure that once we sell a bunch of stuff, some other stipulations, loose rules and/or restrictions will occur to us. Please bear with us in this respect.

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