Alex Gavaghan & The Boss Jockeys 'Wool Behavior" Vinyl

€ 13.00

Alex Gavaghan, guitarist with Liverpool garage-blues nuts The Cubical, returns with his solo follow up to the critically acclaimed Binman of Love (Freaksville, 2015).
Wool Behaviour was recorded with live band The Boss Jockeys in the place were they’ve honed their craft with many a frantic performance, The Caledonia, Liverpool.
The ten tracks were recorded one boozy afternoon in the practice room above the pub, as Gavaghan explains: 
“I like the sound of the drums in that room, very Motowny, so I thought we could build a nice live feel around that. I recorded it all live to 8 tracks, vocals and all.  I kept all the original takes and added overdubs over the top to beef up the sound. It’s raw as f**k but the energy of the band really comes across and the performances are great!”
The result is a fizzing album of raucous Merseybeat Rock n' Roll bubbling over with melody and harmonies but with a distinctly rough edge - “ It's a ballsy little record ” asserts Alex.
Indeed, it’s all over in 28 minutes and tracks such as Black & White Dress, Give Your Love To Me and Couldn't Keep My Big Mouth Shut find singer and band (Steven Rawlinson - bass, Mark Percy - drums, Michel Assier-Andrieu - guitar and Simon James, sax) firing along like men possessed while they bang out two minute (if that) modern classics.
The intensity only really relents for the luscious No-one In My Heart (No-one on My Mind) before picking straight back up again for live favourites La La La Lucy and Flemish Girl.
You get the sense that Gavaghan has been enjoying himself on this one. His flair for 50s and 60s esque songwriting (he recently wrote and produced Belgian yé yé starlet Mademoiselle Nineteen’s new album) is once again evident on his new disc : Buddy Holly, The Drifters, The Beatles, The Kinks, Them, they're all in there. The influences don’t stop at 1968 though; Colour in The Morning is all Pistols guitars and singalong choruses (‘ballsy’ indeed) while album closer Over The Overflow sounds somewhere between Exile on Main Street Stones, T-Rex and The La’s.
In short, good old fashioned rock n' roll from start to finish.
With Wool Behaviour, Alex Gavaghan (and The Boss Jockeys) have taken ten brilliantly crafted songs and spat them out with an attitude and freshness (and a certain Liverpool je ne sais quoi) that is all too rare these days. Moreover, this is one of those albums that could only have been made on Merseyside. There’s definitely something in the water up there. Fantastic stuff.  

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