Caïman fu A des milles Compact Disc

€ 12.00

 Originating from Montreal and fronted by Quebec actress Isabelle Blais as seen in “Les Invasions Barbares”: winner of three Césars and an Oscar in 2004. She also played in the George Clooney-directed “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, “Les Aimants” and “Borderline”, Caïman fu have stood out for over ten years, thanks to their festive rock and onstage energy, but also due to the bubbly, original and charismatic personality of their singer Isabelle Blais.
With A des Milles, their fourth album, Caïman fu have reinvented themselves to present mind-blowing pop-rock, rich in the most atmospheric and melancholic moods, which showcases perfectly the personal evolution of each of its members.
A des Milles is an album recorded with finesse, and orchestrated under the delicate control of Carl Bastien (Daniel Bélanger, Dumas), in the welcoming atmosphere of Studio Victor.
An album of outstanding production which highlights the warm, soulful, sensitive and sincere voice of Isabelle Blais, letting her emotions do the talking like never before.
The music evokes the wide open spaces of Quebec, where adventure mingles with gentle nostalgia, charging the melodies with a melancholic flavour.


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