Juan d'Oultremont Bambi is Dead Compact Disc

€ 7.00


A french experimental pop-art Lp between muted blues and lo-fi.

Juan d'Oultremont has just recorded Bambi is dead, an unreal cd of french songs between happening performance and muting blues.
Juan d'Oultremont was born on April 13, 1954. The same day was buried Auguste Lumière, the inventor of the cinematograph, a law finally fixed the applicable taxes to the Agadir port fish market and another put the child murders in the crime category. Only happy things indeed ...
In 1958, he decides to become an artist, but prefers not to keep his parents informed. In 1972 he enters an Art School and makes them believe he'll be an interior decorator. Actually, he leaves there six years later with a painter diploma and this without having to hold a brush. In 1976, he founds the Cissite Movement behind the one he's gathering, for more than 30 years, all his practises : art, teaching (he's an installation and performances professor at the ERG - Graphic design school in Brussels), writing (novels, news, comics, theatre), songwriting (in september 1989, he's having a bath when he hears on Europe1 that one of his songs just replaced the Lambada at the first place in Top 50), graphic design (record sleeves for the famous label Blue note), radio (taking place every day in the 'jeu des dictionnaires' and the 'semaine infernale', cult broadcasts on the belgian radio-RTBF), television (in a belgian television broadcast 'La télé infernale'), pom-pom boy (he founded seven years ago, a battalion of 'man-majorettes' with his neighbours ... nothing surprising with the name of his society 'Yes, but what's your real job ?' ...)
And now on the initiative of Benjamin Schoos (Miam Monster Miam), Juan d'Oultremont has just recorded an unreal cd. Between performance and muting blues. Nine tracks that would tear off tears to Bambi if only this poor beast had not died during the recording sessions at the Soundstation. Bambi is dead? That's precisely the title of the album...


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