King Lee 400 Blowz de l'Enfant Pavé Compact Disc

€ 7.00

After being MC for Starflam in a previous life and asides from (excellent) acting performances in “Genova 1” and “Bloody niggers”, Enfant Pavé has recorded his first solo album under a new funky moniker: King Lee.

With strong hiphop roots and a real writing craftsmanship, King Lee may as well put belgian rap on the map.
Homemade electro sounds, funky jazz live sessions, old school hip hop beats produced by DJ Mig One (Starflam, Orishas), mutant pop soul vocals by Christa Jerome (Marc Moulin), punk rock riff samples, haitian music (with featurings by Ypoze and Youyou): an eclectic soundtrack for autobiographical tales, contemporary epics with asphalt and marijuana smell.

This sonic kaleidoscope reveals a true artist, an early member of international hip hop culture, part of the scene since the very beginning.
The record sleeve visual art is by Paris based Earl and graffiti artist RVO.
If MC François Truffaut was still among us, no doubt he would have been proud of these “400 Blows”.


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