L'homme des sables by Benjamin de Roubaix Limited Vinyl Edition

€ 26.00

“Composer François de Roubaix is one of the secret legends of French film music.” Les Inrocks

“The main theme of José Giovanni’s thriller La Scoumoune (1972), composed by François de Roubaix was a haunting refrain. In the version of Benjamin de Roubaix, it becomes a funky nugget that will appeal to adventurous DJs.” Libération

An original and timeless tribute album by Benjamin to his father François de Roubaix the famous 70s film composer, who wrote the award-winning music for “Le Vieux Fusil”, and accidently died while diving in the Atlantic Ocean in 1975 at the age of 36. “He was one of the most popular composers among cinema and television directors.”
Benjamin, Alexandre, Jean-Daniel and Laurent, four troublemakers from the worlds of jazz, rock and pop music, unfurl with humour, joyous sounds and imagery, four of François de Roubaix’s titles: “Les Secrets de la Mer Rouge”, “la Scoumoune”, “Le Vieux Fusil and “Le Saut de L’Ange”, and complete the film with original compositions couched in cinematic arrangements and jubilant improvisations.

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