Man From Uranus • Amazing Science Friction Volume 1 Compact Disc

€ 7.00

Disconnected from his roots in Florida, Man From Uranus lives in the UK making ‘organic’ Electronic music inspired by his love and knowledge of early avant-garde and tape music, 70s Library music, Space Jazz, and raw energy garage rock. Using organs, synthesizers, oscillator boxes and toy samplers, MFU plays ‘live’ without backing tapes a highly synaestasiac wall of sound that can be at once frightening, funky, and full of otherwordly beauty.
MFU enjoys audio tricks with his audience, drawing them into intense grooves and at the correct moment shattering the sound into any hundreds of unexpected pieces before pulling them back together into some new angular and abstracted flow. Inspired by Stockhausen and Sun Ra and guitar bands like the Stooges or the Fall, Man From Uranus completely ignores any modern trends in Electronic music in favour of a sound which is completely idiosyncratic and outsider.
Since the year 2000 mFu has played over 200 live shows in the UK and Europe including a residency as a Thereminist at the Lost Vagueness tent at the Glastonbury festival, live performances at London’s Tate Modern and the Royal College of Art, as well as touring with Felix Kubin, Faust, and Pram, and a label association with Ann Shenton of Add N to X. MFU also appears in the film ‘One Man In The Band’ a documentary about solo musicians which has shown at film festivals and cinemas around the world.
MFU has recorded with Broadcast, two tracks of which appear on his new retrospect CD Amazing Science Friction vol. 1, the first release on his own label (((outer music))) – his vehicle for a campaign of several new exploratory releases in the years to come.


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