Miam Monster Miam L'Homme Libellule Compact Disc

€ 8.00

A sunshine delirious synth pop music from the boss of freaksville rec Miam Monster Miam.
A scifi concept Lp in which a Serge Gainsbourg’s clone meets Suicide, Jean Michel Jarre and a lot of chicks in the galaxy of plutanus 91 ! L’ HOMME LIBELLULE

Benjamin Schoos, aka Miam Monster Miam is a lunatic.
Every new project on his label, aptly named Freaksville Records,
is a U turn from his previous move. Now he comes up with “L’homme libellule”, a handful of timeless pop songs about a Dragonfly Man whose purpose is to save mankind, nothing less.The only weapon he’s using to achieve his mission is, errr…, love. Is there any madcap left
on earth that would be ready to embark on such a foolish trip?
Well, yes there is.
And not only does Benjamin Schoos go his own way, the oddest thing
is he makes you want to follow him! So there we go on his strange rocketship traveling through time, space and music. Miam Monster Miam’s sound is a kaleidoscope of everything you ever heard and loved (or hated!). From Kevin Ayers he borrowed the nonchalant crooning voice,
from Todd Rungren the almost mystical melodic sense, from Jonathan Richman the looney poetry, from Sky Saxon and Roky Eriksson the punky urge.
The question of course is: is there a place for an eccentric like Benjamin Schoos in the music world today? Hey! If there isn’t, shame on us music lovers!


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