Michel Moers - As Is ( Transparent Vinyl Pre-order)

€ 30.00

Best known for his work with the groundbreaking late 1970s electronic group Telex, Belgian musician Michel Moers will release his second solo album, ‘As Is’, in April. Coming 33 years after his debut, ‘Fishing Le Kiss’, the long-awaited record features ten tracks that showcase Moers' wisdom and artistic reflection as he offers a blend of thoughtful, electronic music infused with surrealism in his own unique style.

‘As Is’ includes notable collaborators in X-Propaganda singer Claudia Brücken, who adds her distinctive Teutonic touch to ‘Microwaves’ (an upcoming single), as well as Moers’ compatriot DAAN (Daan Stuyven), whose deep, expressive voice is utilised to full effect on ‘Back To Then’. Containing songs that have been developed over several years, the album has an intimate, diary-like quality, reminiscent in part of the compositions of Erik Satie.

With highlights that include the stridently uptempo ‘Potentially (Love-Hate)’ and ‘Pixels’, plus the lyrically unsettling ‘New Friend’, the album actually opens with an updated version of ‘Les Gens Sont Affligeants’ (People Are Disappointing) from Moers’ debut. It resonates more than ever in today's individualistic society. ‘As Is’ represents a triumphant return for Moers, blending past influences with contemporary sounds and themes, and stands as a testament to his enduring creativity and adaptability in a continually evolving music landscape.

Moers has spent the last three decades working as an architect and photographer while continuing to make music. Involved in the remastering of the Telex back catalogue that was reissued to great acclaim on Mute Records in 2023, this also served to reinvigorate his skills and contributed to the creation of ‘As Is’. Belgium’s first electronic band, Telex were influential pioneers, appearing on Top Of The Pops in 1979 and representing their nation at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980.

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