OG La Transformation Compact Disc

€ 13.00


The concept-albums by oG MUSIQUE showcase this musician's talent for refined songwriting and crafty arrangements. Piano, drums, organ, guitars, bass, lap-steel, horn and string sections intertwine, creating an unruly sonic universe within the confines of ethereal folk-rock. A subtle and tasteful production bestows the albums with a cunning Seventies' vibe. The albums are really entertaining trips with charming melodies where folk, psych, pop, rock, baroque, canterbury flavours and jazzy impressions are mixed together. Highly visual and very evocative, oG MUSIQUE builds introspective journeys into phantasmagorical lands where time rewinds and nostalgia resurfaces. oG MUSIQUE is from Eastern Belgium, and obviously pays particular attention to the artwork of his albums, as witnessed by the superb cover drawn by the famous sci-fi comics drawer Philippe DRUILLET.

' This LP is a progrock concept masterpiece recorded on analog tape by  a mysterious belgium pop genius and a  great acoustic guitar player, I'm in love with this cd ! '  Miam Monster Miam



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