Phantom feat. Jacques Duvall Hantises Limited Vinyl edition

€ 24.00

Benjamin Schoos (guitar) created garage band Phantom with Sophie Galet(drums) and Pascal Scalp (bass). He then decided to sign Duvall on his newly born record label Freaksville records. Benjamin is a lunatic character, very much an original, kind of a mix between Syd Barrett and Tintin. The two nutheads got along fine and recorded the album in two days, one day for the backing tracks and one for the vocals. Duvall came along with lyrics that had been turned down by other singers, mainly because they were too risque. The result would be the perfect soundtrack for a demented spaghetti western or a cheap but chic lesbian vampire movie. Jacques Duvall is known as a sarcastic tunesmith for several french pop stars. His first claim to fame was "Banana Split", a worldwide hit for sweet sixteen Lio, in 1979. But he had been writing songs since the mid-seventies for french underground diva Marie France and for The Runaways, Joan Jett's all-female band. He then succeeded Serge Gainsbourg as lyricist for Alain Chamfort, the french Burt Bacharach. Other collaborations followed, with among others Jane Birkin, Etienne Daho, Sparks, Telex..

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