Richard Brett 'sleep til the end of the world'

€ 15.00

English musician Richard Brett’s new CD is a collection of songs rooted in the tradition of English Folk music but tinged with 1960s pop and the spirit of Music Hall story telling. Richard has taken his inspiration from his wife, Mariane, his dog, Pruneau, his new life in Belgium … The songs cover many subjects including a protest against modern life (Sleep ‘til the end of the world), romantic love (Maybe she’ll marry me), a moving statement about getting old (Never enough time to say goodbye), a rock ‘n roll celebrating bad girls (Gonna make you mine) … Rhythms and lyrics intertwine to create a nostaligic ballad, a jumping rock ‘n roll, a funny blues, foot-tapping barn dances … Everything is amusing, colourful, sensitive and intoxicating. Energised by Miam Monster Miam, the CD was recorded with creative and virtuoso musicians, Seesayle (vocals and violin) and Eric Kisteman (electric guitars) plus other exceptional artists that Richard has met since arriving in Belgium. ENJOY.

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