Jacques Duvall

Jacques Duvall is not a mainstream star. With his singing skeleton looks (shaved skull, bony figure), he'll probably never be. But aficionados are following him since his first efforts in the late seventies. Ranging from Velvet-like garage rock to louche cabaret, and including the occasional belgian country lament, Duvall's work manages to cross Townes Van Zandt's sense of desperation with Serge Gainsbourg's spicy humor. In Benjamin Schoos (mean guitar player, inventive producer and Freaksville Records' label manager), Duvall found his alter ego and the demented duo wrote songs for cohorts of singing artists recently, including Chrissie Hynde, Laetitia Sadier, April March, Coralie Clément. Previously Duvall had penned the 1980 electro pop million seller "Banana Split" for Lio, also providing various nasty material for Jane Birkin, Sparks, The Runaways, Etienne Daho, Telex, Bijou.